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What to do in Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a small island in Tanzania and Villa Kiva is ideally located to reach the various places of interest of the island.
The nature near Matemwe offers a coral ground, white sand, towering palm trees and a sea going from green to cobalt blue, all making this place look like a daydream.
The possibilities for both water and land excursions are endless. Every spot in Zanzibar has its peculiarities that make it different from the others.



Stone Town, the capital of Zanzibar and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the most important city on the island, but also in East Africa. Here, a time, East and Africa met, creating a crossroads of different traditions. Stone Town has been the capital of the Sultanate of Zanzibar, and, if you will dedicate a day to the discovery of the culture and local folklore, don’t forget to visit the Museum of Ancient Sultan Palace, the Forodhani gardens, market fruits and vegetables, and, passing through the intricate streets of the old town, is the ancient of the excavation area. Will some time for shopping, where you can buy precious wood articles, paintings and precious local crafts, or simply enjoy a drink near the Portuguese fort.
Do not miss out, therefore, the history and culture of this city. We recommend wearing long pants, comfortable shoes and visit all the places with the shoulders and knees covered.



Prison Island

Called ‘Changuu’ in Swahili, Prison Island is only a short stretch of navigation away. After a ride on board of comfortable boats we will land on the white beach of Prison Island and start our day. The guided tour of the natural reserve of giant tortoises will catapult you back in time – millions of years ago, in fact – as you will soak in a very Jurassic Park-like atmosphere!
Prison Island today is known for its excellent view of Stone Town and its giant tortoises imported from Aldabra in the Seychelles in the late 19th century. These giant tortoises can live over a hundred years, and so have some of the ones you will see! After visiting the tortoise island, the excursion continues to Pange Island, a picturesque stretch of sand that emerges only at low tide right in front of Stone Town where you can snorkel, see the colourful starfish and relax in sun after a lunch of lobster and fish.

Recommended attire: modest swimsuit (please avoid thongs and topless suits, inappropriate in a predominantly Muslim country), beach towel, sunscreen, rubber slippers.


Jozani Forest

The Jozani Forest offers a walk among lush tropical vegetation, the last home to the famous Red Colobus monkey, a symbol of Zanzibar’s fauna.
Accompanied by our experienced guide you will explore the Jozani Forest and head into the maze of mangroves populated by friendly and tiny single-claw crabs. Enjoy the nature, relaxation and exploration that are typical of Jozani Forest.

Recommended attire: T-shirt, long trousers/Capri pants, sneakers.


Blue Safari

To the south west of the island, in fact, is the picturesque Menai Bay, a nature reserve which is home to real natural jewels of the Indian Ocean – a strip of sand that appears and disappears with the changing of the tides, a lush mangrove forest surrounding a crystal-clear lagoon… Finally, the island of Kwale hosts one of the few specimens of giant baobabs, majestically tall trees whose branches rise to the sky in a spectacular tangle.

You will experience such adventure together with the “Safari Blue” staff who will lead you to the discovery of the most suggestive spots for an unforgettable tour of snorkelling followed by a dinner of tasty grilled fish and lobsters in the beautiful shade of tamarind trees.
But above all, the Safari Blue tour will make you experience the thrill of sailing on the way back, gently rocked by the waves – a great end to a day of sun, sea and fun.

Recommended attire: modest swimsuit (please avoid thongs and topless suits, inappropriate in a predominantly Muslim country), beach towel, sunscreen, rubber slippers.



Near our Resort is a riding club, with whom we have an agreement which stems from the years of love and passion for these wonderful creatures, strong and elegant yet proud and sensitive.

The ranch has 10 horses: Arex, Nasra, Swami, Myo, IVI Sour, Julian, Aicha, Sandy and Gifty. The horses come from Kenya and Tanzania and are a cross of different breeds. They are friendly, well-trained and reliable, and will provide fun horseback riding for both experts and beginners.

The ranch is managed with a deep respect of the animals and the local nature, and its key features are environmental protection, peaceful coexistence and integration with the local culture.


Quad Safari

A unique tour that will allow you to reach and explore an unspoilt part of the island – through sugarcane, pineapple and spices plantations, you will be led to the discovery of the traditional red clay villages. Here we will visit a mud house village.
A unique experience for adventure and nature lovers and for those who want to experience the real Zanzibar and get to know the culture and habits of the local population on board a quad.
For more information please visit our website: zanzibar quad adventure.