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Diving & Water Sports

The Zanzibar Island has more location, where you can go on excursions, but certainly the most famous is that of Mnemba Atoll Marine Park.
The Mnemba atoll is made up of a main island and several private and peculiar tongues of sand, which appear only during low tide.
Here, snorkelers and scuba dives, can immerse themselves in the waters where they swim with dolphins and turtles and you admire numerous corals and associated species. Diving, in this place, take place in depths ranging from 10 to 30 meters, where you can explore the beautiful marine life rich waters.
Just a few meters from Villa Kiva is a Diving Center specialist, who will provide you with all the necessary equipment, in addition to a qualified staff.
Moreover, of particular importance, there is Leven Banks, a very important site located in the Pemba channel. Here you can enjoy various marine species, including barracuda, zanclidi and, occasionally, some sharks, in addition to the spectacular coral reef, which offers a wide range of beautiful corals and unique sea creatures.
If you choose to spend your vacation in Zanzibar, it will mean to make excursions that will give you unique emotions, discovering rich crystal waters of species unseen and white sandy beaches.



On this tour you can dive in waters where dolphins swim to explore beautiful spots where the marine life is especially rich.
Wonderful snorkelling or scuba diving opportunities in a sea full of fish, helped by professionals from the diving centre just a few meters from Villa Kiva.
The Mnemba atoll features a private main island and several sandbars that appear at low tide.


Nungwi – Kendwa

Nungwi is the biggest fishermen’s village of the island and it is famous for its crystal clear sea, pristine coves and the factory where dhows, the local boats, are produced. Here you will have the chance to admire the magnificent sunset and bathe in the sea until late.
In the area there are numerous diving centres and this is an ideal place for long baths as the tide is not as pronounced as in other parts of the island.
There is no reef visible – as is instead the case on the east coast – and you can enjoy parasailing.



Kizimkazi – Dolphin Bay

If you cross the island of Zanzibar right to its farthest southern tip, you will come to Kizimkazi, and from here you will start a fantastic adventure. On board of the typical wooden boats that sail in the ocean off the coast of Zanzibar, you will search for the dolphins that always swim in this sea, enjoying the natural reserve of Dolphin Bay. After reaching the shore, you will relax in a cosy restaurant directly by the sea, where you will enjoy a typical lunch.

Recommended attire: modest swimsuit (please avoid thongs and topless suits, inappropriate in a predominantly Muslim country), beach towel, sunscreen, rubber slippers.




For lovers of fishing we can arrange half-day deep sea fishing trips aboard private boats and with a crew.