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Africa has never been closer, with its colours and the strength and power of nature: an incomparable beauty that makes us mere spectators in front of the magical alternation of Savannah animals and the beauty of sunsets and landscapes that you only dreamt about until now.
Because this is only one step away from reality: the dream, the experience of a lifetime, the desire to prove yourself in such a beautiful wild environment as this is now within your reach thanks to our safari.
The only danger in taking part is to remain forever haunted by the unforgettable magic of Africa..


Selous Game Reserve

After a 50-minute flight you will land along the track of Mtemere, in the heart of mainland Tanzania, where our rangers’ jeeps will be waiting for you to lead you to the Rufiji River Camp where you will spend the night.
Two very special game drives are planned for the next day. With a small boat we will come up the river Rufiji encountering along the way animals like crocodiles, hippos and many of the herbivores who choose the peaceful banks of this river to drink in packs.
The adventure then continues in the savannah. Aboard comfortable jeeps you will drive along dirt tracks in search of land animals like giraffes, zebras, elephants, impalas, gazelles, buffalo, hyenas and lions.
While the hot African sun descends on the horizon, we will then light up bonfires and torches at the camp, where everything will be ready for dinner. Finally, you will spend another night in one of our cosy tents.


Ruaha National Park

After a short flight you will find yourself in the Savannah in Tanzania, with vast expanses of wild and boundless landscapes stretching to the horizon, the ground hit by the vibrant pace of herds of buffalo, giraffes and zebras whose elegance you will admire as they pass by, land of lions and elephants.
Are you ready to experience the most extreme experience you’ve ever had? Get ready because everything is about to begin: the Ruaha National Park opens its doors to adventure.
You will be directly involved in two exciting game drives on board of comfortable jeeps. Then you will spend the night at the Mdonya Old River Camp, a camp that was recently designed to recreate the atmosphere of an old settlement of colonial explorers. In fact, oil lamps and flaming torches will illuminate the area at night.
The restroom will be very peculiar, completely open-air! Have you ever taken a shower under the stars?



Please note that all tours are recommended by Villa Kiva but that they are planned and organized by external tour operators who are however among the best on the Island. We are available to answer any question or take care of any special requirement.