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Spice Tours

story of zanzibarThe island of Zanzibar is also called “Spice Island“, since, from here, were leaving the transits of the ancient trade in the Old World. When you go in this land, in every corner, in every street and in every place, you can smell the scent of spices around you: from cardamom to nutmeg, from vanilla to ginger, from turmeric to cinnamon, until the cloves , symbol of the island. The spice plantations are located in Stone Town, capital of Zanzibar, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.
If you choose to spend your holidays in this place, you can’t miss a trip to the plantations (the best known is that of Big Body with Tatata Spice Farm) of various spices and herbs, to discover the true flavors of the island, learn the origin of these spices used around the world, and why not, take part in a tasting, along with fruit, tea and coffee (kahwa) local, very important for Zanzibar. These tours, as well as help you discover different flavors, you will also discover the most important monuments of the place: the ruins of Maruhubi, the Persian baths Kidichi, the village of Mangapwani, where there is a cave in which the slaves were hidden after trafficking was banned. Moreover, in the historical center of Stone Town, we find the Zanzibar Coffee House, where they serve the best of the cities coffee, cakes and light meals.